Choosing a wedding photographer

Planning a wedding has so many elements involved, and we want to get it all right, after all, it is one of the biggest days of your life and besides buying a home it's one of the most expensive ones too.

When it comes to choosing your wedding photographer, it can be confusing. You can get caught up in looking at photos- does the photographer have photos that you like? Do the people in their photos look happy and relaxed? Does their work appear to be consistent? Do they have good reviews? Most people are also not comfortable in front of the camera so will I look awkward will the photographer put me at ease or will they be overbearing.

Aside from the quality of photos, some important things aren’t usually discussed right away. A lot of times couples don’t find out about some of these IMPORTANT things until it’s TOO LATE. Find out 10 ESSENTIAL questions to ask your potential wedding photographers before you book them and pay that deposit.

Here is a list of 7 questions you should ask EVERY wedding photographer you speak to. All experienced wedding photographer should be able to answer these question. The answers you get may vary- but you’ll be able to use the information to help you make an informed decision.

  1. How many images will I get?
  2. Do you include digital copies? If so, what resolution are they and who can have them, will they be watermarked?
  3. What is your backup process?
  4. Do you edit the photos, to what extent?
  5. What happens if you can’t make it?
  6. Do you have insurance?
  7. Do you have spare equipment (what if your camera breaks for example or lens...)
  8. Do we have a contract?
  9. When do you need the final payment by?
  10. When will my photos be ready(2-4 Weeks 3-6, 4-8 weeks or?


An experienced wedding photographer should know how many photos they can typically deliver. Or, if they include a certain number of images in their packages.

I don’t limit the number of photos I deliver, ever. On average, I deliver around 60-75 photos per hour I’m there. For a 7 hour wedding day, I can guarantee a minimum of 500 photos.


It’s great to have the ability to save and keep your digital photos forever. But don’t assume your photographer will give you the digital images for free. When you have digital images, you’re less likely to buy professional prints. And most photographers count on print sales to stay in business.

Some photographers don’t include digitals in their packages (although most are). Or they put a limit on how many you get, or the size/resolution. Usually, photographers who do this will charge less upfront, so you think you’re getting a deal. But you end up paying a lot more in the end if you want to be able to print your photos on your own. This is because of the lower resolution and watermarks, they do this is simply to ask for more from you at the end when it's too late.

I include ALL the digital files with every wedding. This is also full, high-resolution files and NO WATERMARKS, that you can print anywhere, at any time. You can download your images right from your online gallery. And there’s NO LIMIT- including your friends and family, you will have the link and password and anyone you trust with this can also download and print their copies at no extra cost! There are NO EXTRA CHARGES, EVER. 

Your photos are available in a beautiful online gallery that stays online for ONE WHOLE YEAR, but I keep them for a further 2 years on my hard drive. So you can share your photos, have them online, and order gifts from the online store.


Another topic that usually doesn’t come up until it’s too late. It’s essential to work with other storage solutions other than your computers hard drive, like external hard drives and the cloud.

The unexpected happens. Memory cards get corrupted. Hard drives melt. Technology fails. You NEED to know from your photographer- what is their backup process like? What steps do they have in place to ensure your photos are safe?

My backup process includes several steps so you can rest knowing you don’t have to worry about it. First, I always use double memory cards in my cameras. So if one card goes bad, there’s always a backup. I replace my memory cards very often because older memory cards are more likely to go bad.

As soon as I’m done photographing your wedding, the images get imported to my computer. And my computer is being backed up to, 2 external hard drives one that stays in my home office and the other comes with me wherever I go constantly, and I do a 3rd back up to the cloud. I also keep one of the memory cards from each camera- and don’t erase it until after I deliver your images. Your online gallery also serves as a cloud-based backup. So each one of the photos I take is always backed up in at least 5 separate places.


Some photographers only do minimal editing and then deliver. They straighten them, delete the “bad” ones, adjust the exposure and white balance, and deliver them as quickly as possible. Then they might have you choose your favourites, which they then apply more intensive edits to. Or some photographers will apply a special filter, or “preset” to all the photos, then select a handful of photos to fully edit.

When you receive your wedding photos from me, ALL the images are fully edited, in the same style. I take my time on each photo, and I go through them all 3 times, to check nothing was missed out and that you get the attention they all deserve. I will crop, straighten, apply my custom “look”, fix blemishes, remove distracting elements, and make any other adjustments I think are necessary. So you get a full gallery of amazing photos that tell the story of your day. Beautiful, timeless images that you’ll be excited to share right away.


This is a difficult question because it’s about the worst-case scenario. We don’t want to think about it, but things do happen. It’s better to have a backup plan in case of an emergency than to have no plan at all. Beware of photographers who say “This isn’t even a question- I’ll be there no matter what”. There is always a chance something could happen- a car accident, a freak medical emergency, etc.

It would take an EXTREME emergency or circumstance for me to not be able to attend your wedding. I do a lot to ensure I’ll arrive healthy and ready to go on your wedding day. Including regular exercise, eating healthy, even more after the LOCKDOWN we had 2020-2021. I make sure to care for myself so that the chances of me having an issue are as little as possible. I always plan on setting off early to all weddings I photograph so if I have traffic or car trouble I have time to address this with you being effected. I also look after my car like I look after myself.

If the worst-case does happen, I have professional photographer friends that I know and trust I would be on the phone to them and if they are unavailable I would reach out to the local community of professional photographers, I am connected too. They will have the same style and provide the same wedding day experience as me. Everything else about your experience would remain the same, I would be editing your photos and so on.

These are 10 essential questions that are important to know before you decide to work with a wedding photographer. I want the couples I work with to feel 100% confident that I’ll give them the best experience possible. I welcome all questions- I’m an open book! I’m happy to provide examples, testimonials, and show you full wedding galleries that I’ve delivered to real clients. So you’ll know you’re working with someone you can trust.


This is very important for many obvious reasons and some wedding venue request, public liability insurance from their suppliers. 

I can make this very simple YES I do have insurance and yes I am happy to send this to all my couples and venues. If a photographer refuses this I would be very cautious on why?


As I mention in the backup section of this blog, I have cameras that have 2 memory card slots, which simultaneously backs up as I take every photo. But I also have 2 cameras on me at all times so if the camera fails there and then I have a second to use instantly. I also have a further 2 spare cameras and a few lenses in my car ready to go if I needed. It doesn't stop there I have 4 external flashes and enough batteries to do 3 weddings as well as extra memory cards.


I believe in having a contract, this is for both you and I, it clearly states everything I mention here in this article and much more. For example, if you decide to add more coverage on the day that's no problem but as I said earlier I am an open book and every additional hour requested is charged at an hourly rate of £100.

Final Payment

This is also in my contract but very important to be upfront about it to prevent any occurred conversations, which generally happens when comes to money. I request a £300 deposit to secure any wedding day and the final payment is due 4 weeks before your wedding date.

When will your photos be ready?

This is normally dependent on 2 factors high season or low wedding season. In the low season which is November to February, it can be 2-4 weeks and in the high season March-October it can be 6-10 weeks.

To know this means you have expectations on when to receive your photos, for example, if you are getting married in July, and expected your photos 2 weeks later, you would be upset that they not ready and you receive them in September. I want editing your photos to have my full attention, so I will never rush them.


Nick Georgiou Photography is UK & destination, a documentary style wedding photographer based in County Durham, travelling worldwide. Behind the camera you’ll find me (Nick)- I have my beautiful wife my rock Libby and 3 amazing kids too, I love animals too, I have 1 dog AJ. I believe in magic, soulmates, and the hidden forces of energy that connect everything and everyone in the universe. My favourite places are the woods, the mountains, and the ocean. My passion is documenting the moments, emotions and connection between people. I love travelling travel and been lucky to say I have travelled to Scotland, Irland, Cyprus, Greece, Thailand, Australia, New Zeland, the US and beyond to photograph wild elopements and destination weddings.

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