To My Couples Affected:

The Covid-19 pandemic certainly has changed things for everyone. Every day seems to bring a new set of challenges, and we quickly try to changes and adapt. Since the beginning of March, I have seen unique challenges this is causing for both couples planning to get married, and all of the businesses and vendors within in the wedding industry. Couples have decided to put their wedding plans on hold, and businesses to shut down. 

Safety Comes First.

The Covid-19 virus isn’t something we are taking lightly. The purpose of this post is to let you know what my plans and policies are, regarding the Covid-19 situation. My goal is to keep myself as safe and healthy as possible while keeping my clients and their families and friends as safe and healthy as possible too.

My Action Plan:

  • I will wash my hands thoroughly before each wedding/session, and either wash them or use hand sanitizer often.
  • I will maintain a safe distance from others and wear a mask if I think it’s needed, or any time upon request- no questions asked!
  • I will sterilize all equipment thoroughly between each session or wedding.
  • I will avoid public transportation.
  • I will only travel within the areas I am allowed according to the tier given by the council, using all precautions to minimize contact with others.
  • I will always be upfront and honest about my health.
  • If I am ever in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, I will self-quarantine for 14 days as the CDC recommends.

What I Ask Of You:

  • Let me know as soon as possible if you or someone you’ve been in close contact with tests positive for Covid-19.
  • Let me know if you’ve done any travel to destinations that are high-Covid areas anytime within 6 weeks of your wedding or session.
  • If you’re inviting guests to your wedding, let them know that if they are unwell or feeling sick to STAY HOME.
  • Communicate with your venues and let them know right away if your plans change.
  • Keep me informed too of any changes to the wedding or if you need to change the date, so I can make the change seamless if possible. If this is the case please request a few alternatives dates from your venue for me to consider as I may be booked on another wedding?

Covid-19 FAQ for my wedding clients:

What if you aren’t available on the new date we choose?

If you decide to postpone, I recommend contacting your venue and letting me know as soon as possible, so we can try to get your date scheduled for a day that works for everyone.

If you are unable to find a date that I’m available, you have two options:

  1. Nick Georgiou Photography as your wedding photographer, but have a trusted wedding photographer I would recommend photographing your wedding day. You will still be working with me, and everything else will remain the same. If you prefer to work with a different photographer completely, we can cancel your photography reservation. If you decide to cancel, your deposit cannot be refunded.

What happens if you get sick before our wedding?

If I happen to get sick before your wedding and exhibit ANY of the symptoms associated with Covid-19, I will notify you immediately. There are two options if I’m not able to be physically present on your wedding day:

  1. I will arrange for an alternative professional photographer to step in on my behalf. I will still be your point of contact and I will be editing the photos in my style. If I cant arrange this due to photographers being busy on other weddings you will be refunded (less any work that has already been performed, i.e. an engagement session).
  2. If you prefer to find a different photographer completely, we can cancel your photography reservation. Your deposit cannot be refunded, but all other money paid (less any work that has already been performed, i.e. an engagement session) will be refunded.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns or questions I am happy to chat you through any or all your concerns.