3 Points To What if You Can't Make It?

When it comes to backup and equipment I try to cover every possible eventuality that could occur and have a solution ready so, for example:

1-My Equipment Fails?

If my equipment fails or breaks, I have 2 cameras on me at all times but I also have 2 more in the car and I take 4 lenses with me everywhere too. I also have extra flashes and batteries for all my equipment. My cameras have 2 memory card slots so if a card fails, it's okay because my camera takes 2 pictures, 1 on each card at the same time.

2-Car Trouble?

If my car breaks down: I always plan to arrive earlier than I am due, so if I come across traffic or I have car problems I have time to address them in good time. If my car was not going anywhere, I would simply get a taxi if my friends or family couldn’t help. 

3-I am Unwell?

I try to keep fit and healthy to avoid being ill and it would have to be serious to stop me be able to attend your wedding. 

If I am ill or can not make your wedding, I will do everything in my power to have someone step in my place on the day. I would then take the images and do the editing to my style and you will still be communicating with me. I have a community of photographer friends that I use and trust that I would reach out to see if they could step in, and then if this wasn’t possible I will research and look for another professional photographer in the photographer community that I am part of. If I could not find a replacement, you will be entitled to a full refund I hope this never happens of course.

I hope these things would never happen, but some things are out of everyone’s control and no one can really say otherwise.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about a real-life situation that happened to me.

It was 21st December 2019 and I was leaving Crathorne Hall, North Yorkshire after finishing capturing the lovely couple Louis & Natalie’s wedding.

On my way home a car came round a bend on the wrong side of the road (a country road at 60mph) there was no time for me to avoid him and we had a head-on collision.

After a long night I was ok to go home and long story short the next day I was rushed to the hospital and had an operation.

I had 2 weddings booked on the 28th of December & 31st December. The day after my operation I spoke to both couples and explained the situation after speaking to a photographer friend who was able to take over on both days if I was not fit enough. I was discharged on the 28th of December and obviously unable to do the wedding. Paul a professional photographer who I know well and worked with many times in the past did their wedding and the couple were very happy with everything. Paul gave me the photos and I did all the editing and albums they had requested a month later we met up in Northumberland where I was able to hand everything over over a coffee and they were very happy with the way I handled everything and communicated it all to them. 

Feeling a bit better I decided with limp and broken ribs and I would be ok to photograph the wedding but worried I might not last the day and may suffer I was not willing to chance to ruin the day. I took it upon myself to pay for a second photographer out of my own pocket even though they did not request it. Again my good friend Paul who helped out a few days before was free so he was able to help, plus I was unfit to drive and Paul was happy to step in. 

I am happy to say other than a 20-minute break, I had while everyone had their meal, I was good for the day. To this day I still use their photos for my portfolio, I did not let my injuries affect the quality of my work and I still get comments on their wedding portfolio. But the most important thing is the couple Sarah & Mark were very, very happy with every part of the day and the way I communicated everything and that I was well and well enough to be there.

I am an open book, and I would be happy to chat in more in detail if that would help so please don’t hesitate to contact me with any other questions you may have.

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