How and Why, did I become a Wedding Photographer?

I first got into photography when I was about 8 years old I started with a very simple kodak film camera, that my mum gave me as she wasn't very good with technology so I became the family photographer on our holidays.  I very quickly fell in love with everything about it and when I was older around 12 years old, I was even given a camcorder which I loved too!  As I got older photography became a hobby and never thought about a career in this, I don't know why, I just didn't! 

It wasn't till much later when I decided to go from a very good camera to a professional camera, a DSLR even tho I was a professional I bought myself a full-frame Canon 6D DSLR and I loved it!

I was always self-taught, this was just by going into manual mode, not auto, and learned the hard way and youtube was a help too.

Everywhere I went to weddings, christenings, bbq, Formula 1 of course or just a nice long walk I took my camera, after all, practice makes perfect. It wasn't until everyone asked me for my pictures I took at their wedding that it dawned on me that I want to do this every day as I loved every bit of it the editing too!

Once I started charging for wedding photography I needed 2 professional cameras, not one as you have to have a backup and this is where the expense started, because this lead to extra lenses and batteries, and lights, you see where I am going with this... But it was worth it and anyone who knows me, knows I don't buy cheap if I was going to do this I was going to do it RIGHT, and I have never looked back!

I now have 2 Canon 5D IV and 2 Canon 6D's Wex Photographic. I use Wex and MPB for a lot of my photography equipment. I’ve found them to be excellent at giving advice, prompt with delivery, and very quick to sort out any issues.

Knowing your camera inside out and back to front is very important so I did that I played, I mean practiced with them. I don’t need to look at them to change settings. I know where every switch is and what it does.

“A good workman never blames his tools” I have amazing cameras. I have spent so much time behind a camera to learn and improve my skills, so the photo comes from more than the camera. For this reason please never say to a photographer that's a lovely photo, you must be a very good camera! Yes, I do but there is more to it than that. 

You will hear photographers say glass first then the body. I agree with this.  “Glass” or lenses aren’t cheap and cheap lenses aren’t good. I have 2 lenses that I use more than any other. Most of my wedding photographs will be taken on one or the other. My go-to lens is a Canon 85 f1.4 

I use this lens for everything. In particular, it is perfect for the ceremony when space is tight. It is a very high-quality lens and very versatile. The shallow depth of field allows me to blur out the surroundings and give greater emphasis on the subject itself. I use this lens for group photos where ever possible at weddings.

My macro lens is another one of the favorite lenses I use especially on a wedding day. Canon 100mm was my choice as it doubles up as a great portrait lens too.

My next best purchase has to be my leather Holdfast Moneymaker probably the best thing I’ve ever spent money on. When I first started out I had the strap that the camera came with and to carry 2 heavy cameras this way was not easy and I decided to invest in this shoulder harness for my cameras and I love it, this is one of my best purchases ever!

I can carry my 2 cameras around for a good 12 hours without the slightest bit of discomfort or backache.  I don’t think I’ve been to a wedding yet where someone hasn’t commented on my harnes and they all love it. 

I have so many things I need for a wedding day some small things and other things larger items like light stands, but I have everything down to fine art on when where to use each wedding photography kit and how to pack it all.

I like to use natural light for my weddings where ever possible and my wedding portfolio is predominantly using natural light. But there is always a place for artificial light in there too. I enjoy nighttime photography and couples love it too and sometimes the use of a flash can give a bit more of a wow factor to some photos, but you do have to becare not to overuse it.


So this just a small insight into me and into what I use at weddings, and in my spare time I do landscape photography, right here in North Yorkshire too, yes my hobby is taking photographs! If you would love wall art for your home then please take a look at my Wall Art Galery where you can purchase prints click here, or if you would like to see some of my work from weddings then click here