So Many Reasons Why I Love My Job!

In the last 2/3 weeks, I have been made to feel so lucky to have amazing couples. I love my job so much and I do have fun as well as this I 100% take it very seriously. 

The Start To My Busy Season Has Been The Best One Yet!

I came home the other day after a 13 hour day photographing a wedding at the Fig House at Middleton Lodge, I had such a great time I could have stayed longer but, the point is I was on a high from the day and didn't think anything could change that until I got home. Libby (my beautiful wife) placed ll my post on my desk as she knows when I get home my first job is to back up my photos straight away. I had received a lovely and personalised thank you card and a lovely and touching message too. This put a huge smile on my face after an amazing day.

A few days later I received a gift and a card from another wedding couple, who went out of their way to find out what I like so they could give me the perfect gift and they did (thank you, Craig & Marie).

This last week I have now been getting lots personalised messages but not just from couples but their wedding guest too. I mean how amazing is that!

I do work hard and long hours photographing as well as editing and much more behind the scenes, like things like this my blog page but, I would change a thing.

So if you are looking for a photographer who really cares about you and your whole wedding experience then please get in touch I would love to chat. No gift needed or card ( i am not hinting ) but if you want to message me about your experience after that would be cool.

If you haven’t seen much of my work as a wedding photographer yet I would describe my style is a relaxed, natural but beautiful, and documentary-styled with a side of fun if you want that too! 

I want my photos to take you back to that moment and that time and remind you how your beautiful day unfolded (as if you would forget). 

Please feel free to contact me.

If you would like to know what others have to say about me, please take a look at some of my reviews on Facebook and or my last few post on my feed or Google, here are a few I've transferred to my website too.  

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