Lockdown weddings

If you decide to go ahead with your wedding with all the restrictions given well this blog is for you.

Now I’ve done a couple of weddings in the COVID-19 world we are all going through and a few more planned too. I have a better feel for what you might expect for a wedding during this pandemic.

The restrictions in place are there for a good, logical reason and as a photographer, I have my part to play too. 

Things are still changing daily as government, venue and registrars adapt their processes, but here is a snapshot of the latest restrictions and rules…

The Music

Music will not be allowed to be played during the, during or on the walk out of the ceremony. Disappointing for couples when there is a significant song I know but I am afraid this is the case currently but as time passes remember things will change so there might still be hope for this to change as well.

The main reasons for music to be banned is that it creates the risk of singing and if even if quiet means that people are likely to speak more loudly to overpower it and thereby increasing the chance of infection.

The Ceremony

A bride and groom with masks on might make a good, ‘current’ photo, but thankfully is not reality. The bride and groom can be unmasked, and are the only people during the ceremony that will be. 

The Registrars and photographer will be masked-up, which as we are working then that’s no problem, but it’s a bit of a shame that all families need to do the same. It has created a situation where family members that all live together in just one or two households all have to wear a mask when in fact they could meet without if not at a wedding. But it’s all about the venue doing everything possible to make it safe for us all.

But venues are being sensible and pragmatic too. 

Signing The Register

Photographers are well used to the rule that we cannot take a photograph of the actual register signing. The reasons for this are infuriatingly ancient. It’s to do with the fact that a mistake might be made when signing the legal document, and it’s just one of the rules to be broken at your peril! All photographs of the register being signed are a FAKE register, specially brought for the photo. 

The Formal Church Photography Photos

The group shots will be impacted as we need to restrict to family groups. But the most important group photos are already these close family groups. 

All other photos will be generally unaffected. My style of photography I use at any type of wedding ceremony is less obtrusive and do a lot of shooting from a distance where more natural moments and connections happen. These shots are not only those that I’m passionate about delivering, they are also completely COVID-free as are socially-distanced.

After The Ceremony

Confetti is generally discouraged, due to the proximity of larger groups, but with people managing themselves with a social distancing from other households then this can be provided.

The Reception

Couples will not be announced into the wedding breakfast, this is to restrict loud cheering singing or anything else in that may raise your voice! Also, receptions are now being allowed, couples can finally plan to have a meal during the COVID pandemic. Buffets are out, with table service only usually being allowed. Families should be seated in family pods, with a maximum of two families at a table. (subject to any new changes of course)

Later in the evening though, the restrictions rear their heads again. Cake cutting will be limited with regards to the number of guests involved, and I am afraid there is no dancing allowed.


Well, this is one of the things that has changed a few times 30, 15 and now well we currently on hold again. As well as I might think that having a good reason number would be a good thing, I do understand that it’s disappointing too, lets now hope with the vaccine announcements and the rollout, this will be one of the things that will soon change.

Looking Forward

We still do not know anything for sure things are constantly changing. 

I understand why couples are postponing until the summer of 2021 or even 2022 where they can start to enjoy it all again the build-up and the day itself. Some couples don't care they just want to get married no matter the restrictions and that's lovely to hear. There is no right or wrong way to go about planning your wedding in these circumstances, it is a very personal thing to you the couple, and not what everyone else is telling you! Couples who are planning to go ahead in these restrictions for what they are have been talking about a big party for those who couldn't come after when it's allowed anyway 

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