Felicity and Dan, have been with each other for some years and today was the day they tied the knot, from Norton in the Teesside area they stayed close to home and got married in St Mary's Church in Norton and into Eaglsciff for the wedding reception. The day started for me at there home with Felicities parents and her daughter, Dan's daughter as brides made too, with her maiden of honour too, this was a very internet wedding, just there closes friends and family, I loved spending the day with this great couple. they made my life so easy, by being happy to do anything that I needed them to, and very considerate to everyone.. Dan and Felicity knew each other at school and so to hear they got together is like watching a romantic film so it really does happen in real life. 

Congratulations to Dan and Felicity once more I wish you all the happiness for the future.