This year 10 years ago I got married to my soul mate and best friend, Libby.  My desire to uphold our family traditions led us to organise TWO weddings...Greek and English in order to include all our friends and family.  Note my labouring of the word 'FAMILY', I asked my little brother to be my best man, because he along with the rest of my relatives and heritage mean so much to me.


This year my brother got married, and when he asked me to be HIS best man, despite our mutual family was still a surprise to me if I'm honest! Yet, I was truly honoured and privileged and excited to do this for him.  This meant a lot to me and all I wanted to do was the best job I could at all the usual Bestman 'stuff'.


When it came to his wedding day, it was and it wasn't difficult for me to leave my camera behind. But I did, granted not too far behind.  Any opportunity I had in taking a picture I could, with best man procedures always came as top priority and making my little brother's day go as smoothly as possible.


On shooting a wedding I can take anything between 1500-3000 photos, but for this day I only took about 150, and looking back I was surprised on how I even managed that with all events that my brother and his beautiful new wife had organised into a day spanning little over twelve hours! Despite the time constraints I faced in taking these images, I feel what I did take reveals the pride I have in my brother, and the pride in my Greek religion and heritage.  Something I hear so often is 'quality not quantity' and I can still feel the emotion of the day when I look at these memories.


I want to conclude by saying a big congratulations my awesome brother and his new wife.  I wish you all the happiness and the best for the future and you know I'm always here for you.

My 'Big Fat Greek Family' is getting even bigger!  I can't wait to capture the memories to come.