Tips & Tricks To Mobile Phone Photography 

Now with mobile getting better and advance in the camera world, we are never far away from a camera to take great pictures, so why don’t they always turn out great?

Well, firstly they will not replace DSLR or Mirrorless cameras so I am not going to say use your mobile phone for your wedding, you should definitely get in touch with a professional wedding photographer to capture those special moments. So let me help you improve your mobile photography. 

First of all the camera does matter I'm afraid to say you need a good quality camera I have iPhone XS and wow, it's an amazing camera. but now there is the new iPhone 12pro which is better, I will be planning to upgrade my self too soon. Having said that there are a few things to know, the first and most important (after the camera) is light, more light, the better in most case. After these 2 things you have different camera apps which can help you take more control of the settings and some let you shoot in a RAW format which if possible is a yes as this will help you edit them so much more as it holds more image information. I use Lightroom Mobile most of the time but there are others out there to choose from. Another thing is your subject if your subject is moving quickly this doesn’t help so if possible try to avoid if not possible try balance with extra light, for example, don’t be afraid to use the flash even in daylight. Flash can be good too if you are taking photos of someone with the sun behind them to avoid shadows in there face. Another good one tip is, when it comes to people is get closer to them and you will capture more detail.

Apps are fantastic to edit your ok picture, to make amazing but be careful you don’t over-edit as they can have the opposite effect. 

Now go, practise and practise, don’t be afraid of trying something different and making mistakes but try to learn from them, we live in a digital age so take extra pictures someone with different settings and delete the ones you don’t like! 

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