Wedding Albums

I loved going through my parent’s albums that they put together or photos they had loosely put together. They had so many of them, and I could spend hours looking at all the photographs and I loved getting my pictures developed and I would lose create my albums. Photos of family holidays, which was mainly in Cyprus and I took loads of film (yes back in the day when it was film) to capture my family and relatives which I had loads over in Cyprus, well both my parents are from here so there would be. I always looked forward to getting them back and my first job was to always go to Stockton town and getting them developed. 

Pretty much every year when we went to Cyprus I had another cousin getting married and weddings here are huge and so many photos to match! I loved creating our album that summed up not only our holiday but one of my cousin's weddings which sometimes we had 2 weddings a year!

Wedding Albums, Fine Art

Wedding albums back then were just basic compared to the fine art albums you can get now. We have a few great suppliers but I use Folio Albums as they are my favorite, if you don't know why come and see my sample collection and you will know why straight away.

The modern wedding albums are a lot different, most of the albums I looked at when I was a kid were just loose photos that were slipped into plastic pages. You bought the album and place your developed photos in them. Now they are printed into the album itself with unbelievable card quality and with Folio Albums they can be personalised to you in so many ways like colour text, choice of paper thickness, style of hardback, and so on.

The albums that I offer all my wedding couples are incredibly beautiful and personal. I’ve used several album suppliers over the years, but I’ve always loved Folio Albums they have always stood out to me. 

Wedding album design

When I design a wedding album, I’m using all my experience as well as thinking about how the day unfolded, I love making the album tell the same story. I do this in a clean, uncluttered way so when you start looking through the pages you’re taken right to that moment and experiencing it all again. 

How much! Why do, wedding albums cost so much?

There is a lot of hard work and loving care that goes into creating a wedding album. From the photographs themselves to the actual crafting of the album. The albums are not a simple process and they are hand-made too.

The end product is insanely beautiful and the quality album blows my mind every time. These are albums have a wow factor, you got to see them and hold them to see and you will just know why. I know albums aren't for everyone and that's absolutely fine but if you like an album you will love a Folio Album!

Nick Georgiou Photography I am a documentary elopement and wedding photographer based in North Yorkshire, traveling worldwide. Behind the camera you’ll find me (Nick)- a man who loves animals, the great outdoors, and love stories. My favorite place is the Lake District, Cumbria. My passion is documenting the moments, emotions, and connections between two people in love. I’ve traveled to Europe all the time and love being so close to, Scotland I have it all on my doorstep but I do love to travel for it too.