Let's get straight into this... "I love my gadgets!" I like to be prepared too. So, put these two things together and you get a lot of equipment!


My Cameras


Yes, I said cameras! I have more than one (I said I liked to be prepared!)  I have two full-frame DSLR cameras (Canon 6D and 5D IV) and I take both with me to any and all my Photoshoots. 

'Why'" well what will I do if one breaks? this is the main purpose.  However,  I have a second reason too and that is I can have two different lens options depending on the style of photo I want to achieve at that moment. 




I have various different lenses. Again,  some are used as a backup and some help me achieve a different look. For example, a telephoto lens like 70-200, compress the background so much more to give you the lovely blurred background effect. I could go on but I'll leave that to another blog explaining more about what each lens is for.

I have 5 Lenses and considering buying another 1 or 2 at some point but still haven't decided.

I have:

  • Canon L 50mm 1.2

  • Canon L 24-105mm 4.0

  • Canon L Marco 100mm 2.4

  • Tamaron 70-300mm 4.0

  • Tameron G2 24-70mm 2.8 



I have titled this as other because the headings wouldn't stop!


  • Off-camera Flash x2 Canon 430 EX 2 ( will be increased to 4 shortly)

  • Flash Stands x2 and connectors 

  • Flash diffusers x4

  • Softbox x2

  • Umbrella for the flash used as a light diffuser x4 3 white and 1 black

  • Sandbags x2 well we don't want our flash stands falling on anyone, do we!

  • Flash Triggers x2 and receivers x4 

  • Batteries x4 for DSLR Cameras

  • Rechargeable AA Batteries x20 for flashes and triggers...

  • Tripod x1

  • Video Light x1

  • Case to carry all of my Equipment x3

  • SD Cards x18 (16GB each) 

  • DJI Osmo mobile 2 and arm extender

  • Microphone


I Have much more too behind the scenes such as a Laptop and iPad Pro for when I'm on the move. I also have iMac 27-inch 5K display, software such as Lightroom for photo editing. I have a Hard drive to back up all my workflow to help put clients at ease. I have 10 hard drives all totalling roughly 25TB of storage with off-site storage for extra caution!