Why You Should Say Yes To Bridal Preparation

I am a North Yorkshire based wedding photographer, and this is my view as a wedding photographer, on bridal prep covarge 

I was speaking to a lovely couple yesterday who were booking their North Yorkshire wedding photography with me. They weren’t sure if they really wanted wedding preparation photos. Brides in particular don’t fancy the idea of photos when they’re getting ready. No makeup and your hair in rollers aren’t really anyone’s idea of beautiful wedding photography. I feel these photos, are very important, keep reading and I can explain why?

Your North Yorkshire wedding preparations photos are to make and give you photographs you will love and treasure in years to come and relive that moment, with your closest friends and family. My photography offers you a natural and candid documentary style of your day. 
Groom are less likely to have preparation photos than brides but this doesn't mean you have to be the same everyone who decides to do it never regrets it, but most who don't do wish they said yes to the preparation coverage. 
The best man is in a panic about losing the rings and making sure he knows his speech inside out or is writing it there and then, last minute! Bridesmaids are practicing their slow walk across the bedroom wearing slippers. Mum’s are wondering if they should have got the higher heels and which of their two hats go best with their mother of the bride outfit. Dads are about to see their beautiful little girl in a wedding dress for the first time and are thinking about giving them away. 
It’s always better to have them than wish later on that you did, after all, you can't recreate them.
I love catching moments from the day and when the couples look at their photos for the first time they don't realise so much happened that they didn't know about. As well as capturing small details easily forgotten over time. 
Some parts of your wedding day are easily forgotten. A wedding is a very busy time and goes quickly too but is still an exciting time of course. Maybe you would like to have seen the emotion on your partner's face when they opened your gift to them? This is why I love capturing the moment as it happens and seeing the real emotion.
Your wedding photos should always bring you back to that moment and re-live your wedding with happy tears, and laughter because it’s the happiest day of your life. 

It's an amazing time documenting Weddings North Yorkshire we are so lucky to have so many great wedding venues, it is perfect for any wedding. If you’re planning on having a wedding in North Yorkshire or anywhere else in the beautiful UK, then please get in touch. I’d love to hear all about your plans and have the opportunity to document your wedding in my beautiful, relaxed but fun style.