After spending the last few months, maybe years, planning your dream wedding, it is now the final countdown to the big day! With a matter of days to go, I thought it would be handy to create a checklist of those small tasks to ensure you begin your wedding day at ease knowing everything is organised. As an experienced wedding photographer, I’ve worked with brides and grooms on weddings of all shape and size – every celebration is different and personal, so this is just a general idea to help make sure you don’t miss anything. I’m always happy to provide advice if you should need it!

3 Days Before

Check with the bridal party and groomsmen that they have their complete outfit, make sure they have everything from cufflinks and hairbands to tights and socks.

Give your dress a final check. Look out for any loose threads or beads, you may not have time to fix these on the wedding day.

Make sure gifts for the wedding party are wrapped and labelled.

Have a date night with your partner! Just the two of you to enjoy some quiet time before the celebrations begin.

2 days before

Have a walk in your wedding shoes on different surfaces. If you find them slippery on some surfaces, it’s a good idea to buff the soles for extra grip. Try to find similar surfaces to the ones you’ve discussed with your wedding photographer to avoid any incidents during the shoot!

Pack everything to go to the venues in separate boxes clearly labelled with contents and destination.

  • Place cards, favours and table decorations. Lay the table at home as you would like it, take a picture, print it off and put in this box.
  • Props
  • Table plan
  • Guestbook and Pen
  • Décor

Have a plan decided for removing all of the décor and gifts at the end of the night or the following day. Ask some members of your wedding party to assist.

Have a manicure and pedicure. Top tip – buy the nail polish to put in your emergency kit in case of any chips.

1 day before

Drop off all of your beautifully packed boxes!

Make sure everyone knows what time to arrive for wedding prep, car arrival and the ceremony starting.

Have all the essential marriage ceremony documents safe in one place. Nominate someone to bring them to the ceremony the following day.

Give the rings a final polish (including engagement rings!) and pass over to the best man.

Make sure all suppliers have been paid in full. If you are leaving them a cash tip, place in a clearly labelled envelope and pass to a trusted member of your party.

Check the weather forecast.

Give your emergency kit to an assigned person.

Give your other half a big kiss goodbye, put the bubbles in the fridge, have a long relaxing bath and an early night.


It’s arrived! Open the bubbles and enjoy every single minute!