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I am a wedding photographer who had the best day at this amazing North Yorkshire wedding!

The Couple

Martyn and Ruth first met each other when they were 11 in Year 7. They shared the same friendship group when they were 16/17 and then re-met when were 22. Martyn is a structural engineer and Ruth is a teacher they have two cats called Miguel and Mia. They are both born and raised in Stockton. 

Martyn popped the question on the 14th of August 2018 in Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando, he proposed in front of one of their favourite rides 'Everest' "with a photographer and then an audience (highly embarrassing but hilarious!)"

They chose Pepper Arden Hall as their wedding venue as it is a beautiful new wedding venue owned by a fantastic couple. They have put their heart and soul into converting half of their home into a venue and offered a self-catering style wedding which was perfect for them!

I also asked them, why did you choose me as your photographer?
"After searching around for a while, we came across your website and liked your style of photography. You arranged a zoom meeting quickly and efficiently and seemed like a really nice man who loved his job."

I also asked them if they could give one or more advice/tips for other brides and grooms on the planning of a wedding.
You can't please everyone so just do what makes you happy. 
They also told me, "Martyn and I had psychology together when we were 16 and were in the same friendship group but not close. We would sometimes bicker and argue in lessons and our then teacher predicted that one day we would get married. I responded with a 'not a chance but here we are - he was right! )"

The Wedding

Today was my first time photographing Pepper Arden Hall, but I had visited a few weeks before so I could get a feel for the venue, always easy to do this when the venue is not far from me. 

When I arrived I went to see Ruth who wanted to have a private bridal preparation so I said a quick hello and took the time to take photos of the guest as they were arriving and of Martyn and the boys.

Pepper Arden Hall, has a stunning staircase that sets the scene for the wedding ceremony all eyes were on Ruth as she came down, and she looked amazing. After a lovely wedding ceremony, it was time for the reception drinks and a time to breathe. We shortly went off for their portrait photos, we had so many hidden little spots to choose from and we took advantage of them, we even had smoke bombs to play with as they asked me to bring some along. 

The day just seemed to go so smoothly and easily, it helps that Maryn & Ruth are such a lovely and calm couple, not worrying about a thing and just enjoying the day.

We had lots of fun with the boys, for their photos at one point Martyn had a real size and genuine Halo helmet so made use of that ( I think he is a gamer and he might have an XBOX too!)

But we also had a great time with the ladies too, just a great day from start to finish.

We had another fantastic entrance with the staircase as they came down to have the cake cut, but this did not lead to the first dance, they decided to not have one. I love it when couples do what they want and not what they "should" after all... it is your day!



Pepper Arden, Northalerton, wedding day
Pepper Arden, Northalerton, wedding day
Pepper Arden, Northalerton, wedding day
Pepper Arden, Northalerton, wedding day
Pepper Arden, Northalerton, wedding day
Pepper Arden, Northalerton, wedding day
Pepper Arden, Northalerton, wedding day
Pepper Arden, Northalerton, wedding day
Pepper Arden, Northalerton, wedding day
Pepper Arden, Northalerton, wedding day
Pepper Arden, Northalerton, wedding day
Pepper Arden, Northalerton, wedding day
Pepper Arden, Northalerton, wedding day
Pepper Arden, Northalerton, wedding day
Pepper Arden, Northalerton, wedding day

Pepper Ared, North Yorkshire

Pepper Arden Hall, North Yorkshire, is a historic country house located in the heart of the English countryside. The building is believed to have been constructed in the late 16th century and is considered to be one of the finest examples of Elizabethan architecture in the region. It is named after the Pepper family, who was one of the most prominent and influential families in the area during the 17th and 18th centuries.

The building is set in a large estate, surrounded by extensive gardens and parkland, which offer visitors the chance to explore the beauty and serenity of the English countryside. The estate is also home to a number of historic buildings, including a chapel, a stable block, and a number of outbuildings, adding to its cultural significance and making it a popular tourist attraction.

Over the years, Pepper Arden Hall has undergone many renovations and refurbishments, but much of its original character and charm has been preserved. The building is now used as a venue for weddings, conferences, and other special events, and its spacious rooms, elegant interiors, and stunning grounds make it the perfect location for such events.

One of the most striking features of Pepper Arden Hall is its magnificent Great Hall, which is decorated with intricate carvings and stonework. The hall is also home to a large fireplace, which is said to have been used by the Pepper family themselves, adding to the building's historical significance.

In addition to its beautiful interiors, Pepper Arden Hall is also renowned for its stunning gardens, which feature a variety of flowering plants, trees, and shrubs, as well as a number of tranquil ponds and streams. The grounds of the estate are also home to a number of historic monuments, including a sundial, a gazebo, and a number of beautiful stone bridges.

Visitors to Pepper Arden Hall can also explore the surrounding countryside, which is rich in natural beauty and wildlife. The estate is surrounded by rolling hills and lush countryside, making it the perfect location for walks and picnics. The area is also home to a number of historic villages and towns, offering visitors the chance to explore the local culture and history.

Pepper Arden Hall is a magnificent building with a rich history and cultural significance. Its stunning grounds, beautiful interiors, and historical artefacts make it a popular tourist attraction and an important part of England's cultural heritage. Whether you are visiting for a special event, a tour of the building, or simply to enjoy the beauty of the English countryside, Pepper Arden Hall, North Yorkshire is a must-see destination.


Is 7 hours enough for a wedding photographer?

Yes, it can be for a small wedding or elopement, it may not capture every part of the day but will capture the main traditions of a wedding.

Do you cover my area?

Yes, I do. I travel all around the UK and further. Best discuss this, as the price will vary on your wedding destination.

Do you have a backup?

I have a backup solution for everything. I have a backup of all my equipment and a great backup for all my photos too.

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