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Beamish Hall in Durham a stunning wedding venue I love to photograph. As a local wedding photographer I love it here it has a bit of everything for your wedding day.


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If you don't know me or anything about me well let me start by saying I am a Beamish Hall wedding photographer, that covers venues like Beamish Hall and around the Durham area. Hi, I am Nick a local photographer welcome to my page all about Beamish Hall and the Durham area.

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When choosing a Beamish Hall wedding photographer for your special day, there are so many things you need to think about and consider. I will try hard to help explain and answer some frequently asked questions, I have done this on other pages on my website and I have some great blogs which you will find helpful so feel free to explore me and what I have to offer. I will start by explaining my style and approach to all weddings.

Firstly let me just say this is my passion for capturing your wedding day as you want it to be. My style is a mix of a bit of traditional and photojournalistic, capturing both fun and candid moments and the posed shots that help tell the story of your wedding day. My approach to all weddings is professional of course but in a relaxed, and fun manner, I find this helps everyone feels as at ease and comfortable in front of the camera as possible.


I have plenty of experience, and I have photographed over 100 weddings, this means I have the experience to be able to adapt no matter the issues as I know things don't always go to plan, so I am able to think on my feet quickly so the day and photography side isn't ruined. Being prepared to deal with a camera breaking or being damaged. I am not going to scare you, but for me to say this, you can take it as a wedding photographer I have you covered no matter what the weather throws at me. (I have a backup for all my equipment and some)

When deciding on a wedding photographer it is important to meet if possible. Me well I am just lovely, let's meet and you will see, but seriously I am a nice guy, I work hard and make the day enjoyable for you and your guest, I love capturing the fun and real emotion so I will play my part to help with this.

So If you are looking for a wedding photographer who can deliver beautiful, timeless images that you will treasure for a lifetime, then look no further than contact me today I would love to hear from you.

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Beamish Hall

History and some Facts!

Beamish Hall, located in Durham, England, is a stunning 18th-century country house that offers a glimpse into the lifestyle of the wealthy during the Georgian era. The Hall was originally built as a family home in 1717 and has undergone many renovations and additions over the years, including the construction of a grand ballroom and the addition of a Victorian wing. Today, Beamish Hall is a popular venue for weddings, as well as a museum showcasing the history of the building and its residents.

One of the most striking features of Beamish Hall is its Georgian architecture. The building is characterized by its symmetrical design, which was popular in the Georgian era, as well as its grand entrance, which features a sweeping staircase leading to the first floor. The Hall is also notable for its large, elegant windows, which are adorned with wooden shutters, and its red brick façade, which is typical of the Georgian style.


In addition to its architectural beauty, Beamish Hall is also home to a wealth of interesting history. The building has served as the residence of several prominent families over the centuries, each of whom has left its own unique mark on the building and its grounds. One of the most famous residents was the industrialist Thomas Richardson, who lived in the Hall during the 19th century. Richardson was a well-known philanthropist and supporter of the arts, and he used his wealth to create a magnificent art collection, which is still housed in the Hall today.

Another notable feature of Beamish Hall is its Victorian wing, which was added to the building in the late 19th century. This addition was made to accommodate the growing needs of Hall's residents and features a series of large, airy rooms that are now used for events and exhibitions. The Victorian wing is also notable for its Gothic Revival style, which was popular during the Victorian era. This style is characterized by its pointed arches, decorative carvings, and elaborate stained glass windows.

It has impressive architecture and history, Beamish Hall is also home to a stunning garden and parkland, which covers over 100 acres. The grounds are dotted with a variety of trees and plants, as well as several monuments and sculptures, including a Victorian-era fountain and a pair of large, stone lions that guard the entrance to the Hall. The gardens are a popular place for visitors to relax and enjoy the peaceful countryside, and they provide a beautiful backdrop for outdoor events and wedding ceremonies.

Despite its grandeur, Beamish Hall has remained a working building for over three centuries and has served many different purposes throughout its history. During the 20th century, the Hall was used as a hotel and a college, and it has also been a venue for various cultural and social events. Today, the Hall is a museum, showcasing the history of the building and its residents, as well as serving as a venue for weddings, conferences, and other events.

In conclusion

Beamish Hall is a magnificent example of Georgian architecture, as well as a fascinating historical landmark. The Hall is a testament to the wealth and elegance of the Georgian era, and its stunning gardens, Victorian wing, and wealth of history make it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the history and culture of Durham. Whether you are a history buff, an architecture enthusiast, or just looking for a beautiful venue for your next event, Beamish Hall is sure to captivate and delight.


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Yes, I have business insurance too which includes £5M public liability.

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Yes, I have, and there is a gallery from one of the weddings from Beamish Hall on my portfolio page.

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If you are planning on having your wedding day at Beamish Hall I would love to be your wedding photographer, Beamish Hall is such a fantastic wedding venue and a fantastic back drop to any wedding. If you do choose this Durham wedding venue, please get in touch, contact me today, I would love to hear all about your wedding plans. Click the button below to check my availability, I will aim to respond within 24 hours or less unless I am on holiday then it may be 48 hours.