Hall Garth Wedding Photographer

Congratulations to Chris & Lauren or should I say Mr & Mrs Burdess

We Met At...

You gave me a vibe! These are Lauren's words when I asked her why me, as her wedding photographer, (I always like to know), and this is a great answer, in fact, the best answer I have ever gotten. 

I remember meeting Lauren & Chris in Northallerton, at the original wedding venue but long story short they change it to Hall Garth Hotel in Darlington. It was the first time I met most of the family, which was so nice. This helped on the day that I had already met most of the family members, it is so nice for me as a photographer to photograph a wedding when you have met the important members of the wedding party.

The Day

It was an early start as I was covering the groom and bride preparations, but this helped that they were both at the same hotel which makes the day go so much easier. 

I had Rachel shadowing me, who I have been helping get hands-on experience as a wedding photographer, and helping her with technics and tips as well as advice that I had to give, with over 100 weddings under my belt I have learnt a thing or two to help me and the wedding couples have a great experience. Rachel has been shadowing me for a good few weddings now and is starting to find her stride which is always nice to see. But back to the day, we started with Lauren and it was a calm place, to be honest, and very relaxed and fun. 

After an hour or so I went off to find Chris and the boys for his prep which took very little time but I find this a good thing as most blokes are more nervous than the bride and they want to be left alone to themselves or not to get in the way of the bar.

The time had come for Lauren to see her dad in her dress for the first time and this was when the tears started, from Lauren, her bridesmaid her mother and believe me, the list goes on and I love it because it is real and shows true emotion, which I love.

The ceremony was beautiful with yes more tears from most of the room, and they had 2 readings which where you guest it beautiful and emotional.

A few more tears at the speechers but the rest was all about the fun and love from their closest friends and family. I even got a go in a golf buggy to do some of their portrait shots on the green where we were blessed with a stunning sky at sunset, and I was so pleased that I brought my off-camera flash.

From there I set up a Sparkler photo, a stunning first dance with Dad's daughter dance to follow then her brother too.

A bit more about the couple

How did you meet?

Lauren; "We met at a nightclub called HULK in Middlesbrough, We were friends of friends. We met in May 2012 and a week or so after we met Chris asked me to set him up with my friend and so I tried to but *awkward" because my friend wasn't feeling it. But by the time I'd got round to sorting this Chris had moved on and he was interested in someone else... spoiler...it was me haha! Chris managed to claw his way out of the friend zone with me and we made it official on 21st July 2012 at the friend he was originally interested in's birthday party!!!! 2 months later I was due to move to Manchester to go to University and Chris decided he wasn't letting me get away that fast so he put a transfer in at work and helped me find and pay for student accommodation. His transfer fell through and Chris managed to round up £3k in a couple of days to move with me. He managed to get himself into Uni in Salford and 3 years later we both had degrees. We jumped into the deep end of being together and I wouldn't have done it any other way. We went from not knowing each other to living together in 4 months."


Lauren - Planning and Costing Analyst Chris - Customer Service Representative

Do you have any pets and their names?

We have four cats, Mal, Kili, Loki & Hela. Unfortunately, Loki passed in May of 2021 but I'm wearing his ashes on my necklace for the wedding.

Where are you originally from?

We are both from Stockton on Tees

When, how, who and where did the question get popped?

12th May 2018, Chris proposed at our joint birthday party in our back garden, in the rain. We were dressed up as Jax from Sons of Anarchy and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. I let you work out who was who haha!

Why did you choose the Venue overall over?

Hallgarth found us. We had a typical Covid wedding planning. This is wedding 4.0! Our original venue went bust, our second went bust, we then pondered on a registry office and then we ended up at the beautiful Hallgarth Hotel. The event manager at our second venue was everything, he was exactly the type of person you want to help with your wedding. Casual, open-minded and puts you first. We had it all planned out and I kept trying to pay them and the card machine was broken every time. Then I got a call from "Do you mind if we have a meeting in person" from the venue. He was leaving, I was devasted and he was the main reason we chose the venue. He told me where he was going and said we could follow if we wanted but it was completely our decision. Two event managers later, I was so tired of repeating myself so I LinkedIn stalked my original guy. Found out where he worked in full FBI style and popped him an email. All became clear, the venue we tried to pay for has gone into administration and he was saving our butts not taking money! I could have hugged him! but you know... Covid haha! Anyway, skip to the end, Hallgarth found us and we fell in love with the place and we have the best person in the world to help plan our wedding. Also, Hallgarth is STUNNING!!

Why did you choose me as your photographer?

You give a vibe. I'm no photographer but I (Lauren) I'm a Graphic Designer so I'm soooooooooo picky. But you give a comfortable vibe and your photos have an edgy but realistic aesthetic. They look refined rather than edited. The colours are warm and full of life but still real. And as a bonus, you have the same surname as a friend of my family so I could get your name out of my head haha!

You're wedding theme/colours if you have one?

"Not quite -Halloween" Purples, Navy, Grey and Oranges.

Could you give 1 or more pieces of advice/tips for others that are planning their wedding?

Saying to make it all about you and put yourselves first is the easiest thing to say but the hardest thing to put into practice. Everyone has an opinion on everything you plan. Wedding planning isn't stressful until you get a 3rd party to give their two pence. Try and keep things simple. If you are lucky enough to go to a wedding before you start planning yours, think about what you remember. What was the centrepiece? Were there favours? Can't remember, keep it simple - no one will remember it so don't spend loads on your tables.

Suppliers where

Venue - Hall Garth Hotel 

Wedding Cake - Birdy's Bakery 

Dresses - Wed2B

Suits - Moss Bros

Venue Decorations - The First Class Wedding Company

Me as A photographer! My style is a natural, documentary, I try to tell a story with my images.

I try to disappear in the background to document your wedding day so if this is the style of photography you are looking for, then please get in touch as I might be the photographer for you.

If you would like to see more of my work check out my portfolio or if you want to see my packages no problem just click here, or if you are ready to talk, then send me a quick message and we can arrange a day and time to hear all about your kick-ass wedding!

Did I mention I am a destination wedding photographer, and this just means I travel everywhere for a wedding, so don't worry if it is further away like, Iceland, Italy, or if it is somewhere more local, Scotland, Northumberland, Northyoyskhire the list does go on!

I love to capture real moments the laughter, tears, emotion and anything in between!

Hall Garth Hotel Venue
Secret garden at Hall Garth Hotel
Old green house
Ceremony Room
Wedding dress on a book shelf
Wedding Flowers and shoes
Wedding Flowers and jewellery
Bride on sofa, during bride prep
Mother of the groom
Bridesmaid getting ready
Bride party with flower girl
Grooms shoes
Grooms wedding suit
Full wedding suit
Groom getting ready

Nick Georgiou Photography

If you don't know much about me, well let me try and describe my style as a wedding photographer. My approach is documentary style, I am a very easy person to get on with, which will help put you and your guest at ease. This means if you have fun, I will capture it in my favourite way, candid! We will have fun and it will still be beautiful, I'm always looking for real moments to capture real raw emotion from everyone. The key for me is to let you have the best day and I will work my little legs off to capture it the best way I know how!

If you would like to ask me anything then please get in touch I am happy to discuss things in person or over the phone. If would like to check my availability then please let me know your date I will always aim to reply within 24 hours, unless I am on holiday then it might be 48 hours.

If you are still unsure then please take a look at the wedding galleries I have over 30 wedding galleries, enough I think to help you see my style and if it's perfect for your wedding day. If you would like to see my wedding packages then click here to see my options I can also create a personal package if you prefer. I hope you are ready to contact me I always love meeting new people and hearing all about their amazing wedding plans, so please get in touch.