Beck & Craig At Wynward Golf Club


I was introduced to Becky & Craig by another wedding photographer friend, as they were booked up on their wedding date. After they had looked at my work and style they contacted me, and I was happy to say I was available, and they booked me, pretty much straight away.

When the day came for Becky & Craig's wedding, I was up nice and early as always but there was no preparation coverage so never one to sit around doing nothing I was editing my last week's wedding which felt strange on a wedding day so after an hour I decided to head off early to Wynyard Golf Club and I thought I would get some detail shots of the rooms while they were empty.

The time started to go quickly, but as Craig arrived I could tell he was nervous and let's be honest who isn't on their wedding day, excited and happy too! I knew that Craig didn't want the in-your-face approach so I stepped back and caught the start of the day from a distance, with him and his best man, greeting his family and friends as they all started to arrive. 

As he was relaxing, Craig and his best man, went for a walk to get some photos done in a fun and relaxed way which I felt was important to put his mind at ease that, it was going to be fun and nothing to worry about from the photographing perspective. It worked too, we had a laugh and got some great natural shots as well as some nervous looks and expression, which was all part of the documentary style I love so much.

When Becky arrived well ahead of schedule, she was in her beautiful wedding car with a gin & tonic while, Wynyard staff asked everyone to take the seats, as that moment had arrived.

A drink and some fun moments later Becky was walking down the aisle with her dad but before they set off, there were brides made and flower girls who were there 2 beautiful girls.

After the beautiful ceremony, it was party time, and with lots of fun moments, everyone was in full swing for the rest of the day! I love this part of the day, well what not to love, everyone smiling laughing and having fun with loved ones!

A little about the happy couple

Becky and Craig met at a birthday party, Becky was working. They are both from Middlesbrough Becky is an admin for NHS and Craig is a delivery driver for NHS.

I asked them when, how, and who popped the question

Craig asked her to marry him in December 2018 while having tea

Why did you choose the Venue overall over?

They loved how chilled it seemed to be.

I always like to know why I am their photographer. So I simply asked, why me?

looked at your work and it's amazing! ( love this answer!)

You're wedding theme/colours if you have one?

navy and blush pink

Could you give 1 or more pieces of advice/tips for others that are planning their wedding?

invite who you want there - don't invite to please other people

Some of their wedding suppliers were:

Photographer: Me of Course 😆

Videographer: Love Is Lovely Wedding Films

Venue: Wynyard Golf Club

Cake: Bespoke Cake Creations By Suzanne

Florsit: Oisin And wolf

Dresses: Brides Dress - Elizabeth George / Bridesmaids - Wed2Be

Suits: Bakers

Hair and make-up: Hair - Kelly Gray Bridal Hair & Makeup - Olivia Woodier

Musician: Lady V Sax

DJ: Magnum Entertainment

Venue Decorations: Gemma Connell

Bride walking down aisle with dad
Wynyard Golf Club Wedding, Flower girl with wedding sign
Wedding guest with child laughing
Wedding couple kissing Flower girls in ceremony
Wedding couple signing
Couple on portrait session
Couple kissing outside on a photoshoot
Couple with brides vail photo
All the girls in a line having fun and laughing
Bride hushing flower girl, at the wedding breakfast
Flower girl pulling silly face
Wedding guest looking out the window, smiling
Wedding guest, silly pose for the camera
Groom jumping into the boys arms
groom diving into the boys arms