Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked a lot of questions, I often hear "this may be a silly question but…"

There is no such thing as a silly question, if you need to know something just ask I’m happy to answer it. A wedding is not something you organise every day. There will naturally be many questions that you may have regarding your wedding photographs, so I have listed some of these on this page. I'm sure other questions are running through your mind that I haven't answered,  but I hope to answer most of them and as for the others, well we can chat about those too, I don't bite I promise! So, if you do have specific questions then please just drop me a line.

14 Wedding Photographers Frequently Asked Questions, Answered!

How many photos will we get?

This depends on a few factors. First of all, how many hours you would like me to cover at your wedding, how many guests you have, also what you have planned the more that is going on the more I capture. For 5-hour coverage, you can expect 400-600 photos, 7-hours of coverage 500-700 or full-day coverage of 10 hours could be 800-1200.

How long until we get our photos? 

You will receive highlights within 48 hours from your wedding day. All photos are ready between 3-4 weeks after your wedding this is for weddings in the low season (November-March). It can take 4-8 weeks during the busy season. I do offer an express service which means your images will be ready within 6 days of your wedding (subject to availability) see my wedding packages for more details. 

Can we meet? 

I always love to meet all couples! I think it's important too. Where? Well, I have an office based in Stockton if you are local to me or we can do a video call ideal for couples that live a bit further away.

I'm ready to book! What's next? 

AMAZING! I can't wait to get to know you and I’m so thrilled you’ve chosen me. To book I require a £300 deposit. This is non-refundable. Dates cannot be reserved until this has been received. The final payment will be due 30 days before the wedding date, you can also spread the cost at no extra charge. Once the deposit has been paid then the date is yours! I then write up our contract and you get your own online 'Wedding Page' packed with information just for you. 

Do You Travel? 

I LOVE destination weddings! I’m happy to create custom packages to fit your wedding plans. Travel and accommodation fees are included in the destination package, so you won’t have to worry about a thing! 

Do you edit all your photos? 

Great question! Yes, I do, my style, comes down to the way I edit my photos as well as my approach on a wedding day. Each photo receives basic colour correction, cropping, adjustment for lighting etc, as well as a custom filter to give it the vibe you see in my portfolio. So yes I edit ALL my photos. 

Do you have the right equipment? 

I have just about 3/4 of everything I need just in case! Canon Mirrorless R6 Mark 2 x2 (and x2 5D's IV all full-frame sensors), off-camera 

flashes x4, and endless amounts of batteries and memory cards to keep me going a full day! Also, light stands. The list does go on but those are the most important ones, Why so much equipment well I need a back up don't I!

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I have business insurance which includes Public Liability. 

Where else can I see your work? 

I have social media accounts where you can see more of my work and reviews, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and my review page on my website. 

Do you do videos?

I don't but I have worked with so many great videographers I would be happy to recommend them, here is a link to my page with them on it and many more amazing wedding suppliers.

Where are you based, and would you be able to be our photographer our wedding is…

I live in Stockton-on-Tees, in the North East of England, if you haven't heard of my little town it's near, Middlesbrough, Thirsk, not too far from me we have Newcastle slightly north of me and York slightly south. However, I travel the whole of the UK and further, so yes I can be your wedding photographer at...

Is it just you?

Yes, but if you would like another photographer too, I work closely with other professional wedding photographers that would be happy to do be my second photographer, if this is something you would like, this can be arranged as an additional option.

Do we need or get a contract?

Yes, this is very important for both you and I. This is to reassure you exactly what you can expect from me and as all weddings are different they need to be made specifically for you.

Who / How does the album process work?

I will personally design the album layout to ensure it tells the story of your day the way it unfolded. I would then send you a copy and this would be your opportunity to make any alterations to the choice of picture or layout. Once you are happy with the design production takes 2-4 weeks.

If you have any other questions that I haven't answered here, please get in touch I would be happy to answer them and add them to my next FAQ blog!