2 Wedding preparation to plan ahead of your wedding day!

Very often, when I speak to wedding couples I hear that they "didn't even think of that!" So, I decided to write a blog about a few things to consider when planning your wedding day. In this blog, I am writing about 2 main things, confetti and formal photos. However, if anyone would like to know more about anything else, please email me and I can write more blogs on the things you would like to know more about too.

1 Confetti

A few things to mention about confetti. These are all important and in no particular order. The usual time to do your confetti is straight after the ceremony.

  1. Check with your venue/church as they may have restrictions such as only biodegradable confetti, or they may allow it to be done in one area only and not anywhere you want. If you do not comply with their rules you may receive a cleaning bill, so please check first!
  2. The more confetti the better and the bigger they are the better too! If you only have a little they don't always give the required effect on your pictures, so don't be shy.
  3. I find 1 basket with all your confetti in, so all your guests can grab a "good handful" is better than the little packets or cones of confetti.
  4. This rarely happens but it may so be aware! When thinking of giving your confetti out I would consider giving it at the end and asking someone from your wedding to hand them out as they leave the ceremony, room. I have photographed weddings where confetti have been left on the guest chairs during the ceremony, and as the ceremony has ended one or two wedding guest start to throw it as you are walking back down the aisle, which means everyone else will follow suit then your venue may not be happy about this!
  5. The final point to make is that venues and photographers do not supply your confetti. This is something you will need to plan for yourself. I think I have only been asked once but it was asked so I decided to mention that I don't supply the confetti so please prepare (the more the better!!)

2 Formal Photos

Every wedding is different, and although this is a traditional part of the day that most like to do, there are more and more couples every year that don't want this. At the end of the day, it is all about what you want from your wedding pictures. If you would like formal photos then this is section is a must-read!

It's great to plan the formal photos ahead of time. I always mention this to couples when we meet so they can have a good talk and think about this, but I do request the list to be sent to me at least 2 months before the wedding. If you are having a confetti photo I always recommend we do your formal photos straight after. This is because everyone is there and this can save time as we don't have to search for people which takes time and as the day goes on a few drinks later we have a different desired style of photos.

  1. I recommend between 4-8 formal shots. This is because you can get most combinations in a list as long as 4/8 . Each combination can take 2-5 minutes to set up and take so this means it could take between 30-45 minutes. Most find this long enough after all you want to go and party and enjoy your celebrations, with your friends and family.
  2. Have your formal photo list written down ahead of the day and don't do it on the day as you may miss someone off, which is very easily done, and send the list to your photographer to have. (for my couples I will send you a questionnaire to fill out so don't worry)
  3. When writing your list make sure you write the specific names and not 'brides family' or 'our parents'. If I have a name I can call them out and count heads to double-check no one has sneaked off to the bar! 
  4. When writing your list, try listing the order, where we are adding one or two or taking one or two away. So what I mean is have "my parents" and then "my parent and siblings"...
  5. Tell everyone involved in the formal photos before the wedding day that they need to stay around after the confetti photo to be part of the formal photos.
  6. One other thing to make this go as smoothly as possible is to ask a member of your family or wedding party who knows everyone to help gather the groups. For example, if I am taking a photo of you both with your parents, someone else can help by gathering the next group together ie all your siblings.

Here is an example of a list of formal photos:

  • Us, mum Liz and dad Fred

  • Us, Brothers and Sisters John, Sue & Dave…

  • Us, Alexandra, Ste and Lee...

  • Us, and all grandparents Bill, Marie...

Walworth Castle Wedding, Darlington, County Durham

Walworth Castle

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