Micro Wedding?

In 2020 we’ve been witness to some huge changes in the world, with a worldwide pandemic that has changed the way weddings are approached for a lot of people. Now there are more considerations for health in large groups of people, and some couples are looking for ways to have smaller weddings.

Besides the obvious safety and health considerations, smaller weddings are becoming more popular as couples are wanting to focus less on tradition and more on having intimate and more personal wedding days. Weddings are becoming more about couples having an amazing, intimate experience instead of putting on a big production to entertain hundreds of guests which we try to please everyone but never can manage and becomes a bit more difficult than it should be.

Instead of inviting hundreds of friends and family, couples are inviting a handful of their closest loved ones. The focus is meant to be more on the couple similar to an elopement.

The difference between a micro-wedding and an elopement?

An elopement is a wedding day that’s completely focused on just the two of you having an amazing experience. You might not have any guests, and just enjoy it by yourselves. Or you might invite a handful of guests to witness your ceremony. If you do invite guests, they’re mostly there just to witness your wedding.

Why choose to have a micro wedding?

  1. You still get to plan your day with guests, have a wedding party, and include special moments of the day for the ones closest to you to witness and be part of.  
  2. You can focus more on each other instead of entertaining hundreds of guests. And you can potentially save a lot of money to put towards other things that are more important to you, home, family or just an amazing honeymoon!

If you don’t think eloping sounds like the right choice for you, but you love the idea of having a smaller wedding, a micro wedding might be the perfect choice for you!

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