My Wedding Workflow

To some, this blog may seem pointless, and boring and not for them but others who would like to understand the process after taking wedding photos or someone who is just starting as a wedding photographer may find this not only helpful but essential to know and learn. All photographers do things differently on a wedding day with style, approach edit and the whole of their workflow and that is all ok we do what suits us and what we love, this is just my way and works perfectly for me, but that doesn't mean you are doing it wrong if it's not like this, it is just different and whatever works for you and your wedding photography business.

Wedding Enquiry

I use a CRM system called Studio Ninja, and if you are a photographer and would like to know more and would like a discount code then just email me happy to send you a discount code. 

This helps me keep track of all my wedding enquiries and much more, for example, I can create invoices, contracts, and checklists so I don't forget anything in my notes and even send out questionnaires to couples.

The Wedding Day

My approach is a documentary style, I help where needed and step in if you want me to or I can disappear in the background and capture the day as it happens, I often hear the words I didn't know you were there or I didn't know you saw that and photographed it! I like to say that I am a people person, able to put people at ease if needed and have fun with couples and guests so people enjoy the whole day even getting photographed. I am a dad of 3 so having kids at a wedding is no issue I will take photos of them too.

The End Of A Wedding Day

When I leave on the wedding night I don't finish there and then, I get back and my first job is to back up all my photos at least 4 times so they are safe, I then recharge all my batteries overnight for the next day so I am ready to go. If there is time I will try to select a few photos from the wedding day and edit them as a sneak peek.

After your wedding

Within 72 hours I aim to have a sneak peek ready for all couples and post this on Social Media (Facebook and Instagram), more on Facebook as Instagram only allows me to post 10 pictures.

The Ederting

Editing wedding photos is a crucial aspect of the post-production process that significantly impacts the overall quality and appeal of the final product. Here are several reasons why editing is of paramount importance in wedding photography:

  1. Enhancement of Visual Appeal: Editing allows me to enhance the visual appeal of wedding photos by adjusting various elements such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness. These adjustments help in creating images that are visually stunning and captivating, ensuring that every moment captured looks its best.
  2. Consistency and Cohesion: Wedding albums often consist of a series of photographs taken under different lighting conditions and settings. Editing ensures consistency and cohesion across these images by applying similar adjustments, color grading, and toning techniques, thereby maintaining a unified look throughout the entire collection.
  3. Creative Expression: Editing provides photographers like myself with a platform for creative expression, allowing me to add artistic effects, apply unique styles, and experiment with different editing techniques to evoke specific emotions or enhance the storytelling aspect of wedding photographs. This creative freedom enables me to deliver personalized and memorable images that reflect the couple's unique personalities and the atmosphere of their special day.
  4. Preservation of Memories: Wedding photos are cherished memories that you and your families will treasure for years to come. Through editing, photographers can ensure that these memories are preserved in the best possible way, with attention to detail and care taken to capture the essence and emotion of each moment.

The editing time can vary on the season, but I try to do this as soon as possible and I don't rush them as they deserve the time. 

I first do a very quick edit as I chose the keepers, the ones I don't keep are ones like duplicates or my test shots. I then do this process again but this time when I edit them I will be stricter and spend a bit more time on each one.

I then do this a third time a few days later, the reason is, I like to come back to them to have fresh eyes just in case I missed anything. I then export all the images in full resolution onto my cloud storage (yes another backup) and check them one last time in a slide-show format in a dark room to check I haven't missed anything. I then select a few for my blog a few for social media and my website.

If I am happy then I will upload all images to a private wedding galley that is password protected and email the couple with all the details.

I always check in after a few days with the couple to make sure everything is ok. In these few days, I would start to put their USB box together and I would design a photo album if any or both were ordered.

How Long Do I Keep Your Photos?

I always keep all photos I take for 2 years minimum just in case, you lose them or you accidentally delete them, but I do recommend you have at least 2 copies if possible too. Your online gallery is live for at least 12 months but I always recommend you download them as soon as possible.

I do so much more but this is the main bulk of my wedding workflow. I haven't mentioned everything like setting up meetings with couples and engagement photoshoots but if I go into everything I won't have anything to write later!